Here at Main Street Dental Centre, we provide several different orthodontic solutions to many different concerns.  Below, you will find some examples of some of the treatment we have provided in the past.  Orthodontic treatment can be provided to patients ranging from ages of 7 to 70.   So, it may not be too early or too late to have orthodontic treatment done, contrary to past philosophies!


Please note that in orthodontics, how the upper and lower jaws relate to each other is crucial for treatment solutions.  There are 3 types of relationships (which will be outlined in each case presented):

1. Class I - Upper and lower jaws are positioned in an ideal relationship with one another

2. Class II - Lower jaw is behind upper jaw which often results in overjet/overbite

3. Class III - Lower jaw is ahead of upper jaw and lower teeth often in front of upper teeth as a result


Feel free to click on each picture for an enlarged view of each photo.

Case 1 :  Crowding/Deep Bite
8 year old patient with generalized crowding and posterior crossbite on right side. 
Class II skeletal relationship with deep bite evident.

1. Twin Block Appliances with expansion screws to  advance lower jaw and widen arches

2. Riconator appliance to hold jaw in position while waiting for adult teeth to erupt

3. Straightwire (braces) to straighten adult teeth and close bite in posterior

4. Retainers, both fixed and removable, to help hold teeth in final position.


Case 2: Severe Crowding

31 year old patient with severe crowding of both upper and lower arches and anterior crossbites

Class III skeletal relationship with Class 1 bite



1. Upper and lower fixed expansion appliances to widen arches

2. Straightwire (braces) to straighten teeth

3. Retainers, both fixed and removable, to help hold teeth in final position

Case 3: Impacted Teeth

12 year old patient with impacted upper canine, Class II skeletal relationship with deep bite and moderate crowding



1. Upper and lower Twin Block appliance with expansion screws to advance lower jaw forward and widen arches

2. Straightwire (braces) to straighten teeth

3. Surgical exposure of upper canine and tie tooth into position and straighten tooth with straightwire

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