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Restorative Dentistry


Here at Main Street Dental Centre, we provide several different restorative solutions for both functional and esthetic purposes. 

Some of the services include:




Composite restorations are what many people refer to as ' white fillings' and the shade is matched closely to the shade of your natural tooth.  This option is ideal for small to moderately decayed teeth but work great for small chips and fractures.  However, they are not ideal when significant decay is present or when large fractures exist.




When significant decay, large restorations or fractures occur in a tooth,

crowns are ideal for treatment because they are made of

restorative materials which can handle forces of chewing

much greater than what a composite resin restoration can

handle.  They also act as excellent restorations for esthetics.

The tooth is prepared on the outer portion to allow room for the

necessary thickness of the crown to provide maximum strength.






                                                                      Veneers are highly esthetic restorations made of the same material used for crowns.                                                                                     However, unlike crowns where the tooth is prepared around the entire tooth, veneers                                                                                   require preparation of the front and biting surface of the tooth only.   Veneers are ideal  for                                                                         esthetics when there is minimal fractures or restoration present and you're looking for a nice                                                                       smile.  






Bridges are excellent options when a tooth is extracted or missing and you would like

to replace the missing tooth without having any removable appliance or surgery. 

A bridge requires crown preparation of a tooth in front and behind the space of

concern and crowns are then fused together and cemented into place.

Since they are made of crown material, they provide excellent strength and esthetics.




                                                                      DENTAL IMPLANTS


                                                                      Just like a bridge, dental implants are an excellent option to replace teeth that are missing.                                                                           Dental implants can be used with crowns, bridges or dentures to replace one tooth or                                                                                   several teeth.  Dental implants require the surgical placement of the implant itself and, after                                                                       healing, an abutment and crown or a denture is placed onto the implant to provide                                                                                       maximum retention.    Implants provide a very high success rate and, as a result, are highly                                                                           recommended to replace missing teeth.




DENTURES (complete or partial)


Dentures are a very cost-effective way to replace teeth that are missing. 

Dentures are removable appliance which either replace all teeth or some teeth. 

They can be used inconjunction with implants to replace a full arch as well.














Below, you will find some examples of some of the treatment we have provided in the past using the above restorative options.




Feel free to click on each picture for an enlarged view of each photo.



This patient was concerned about how the two front crowns were unesthetic as well as the one lower front tooth (#42).  The patient also had a significant deep bite where the upper teeth covered most of the lower teeth.  Through grinding and clenching, the patient also wore his teeth down significantly.  Crowns were placed on the two upper front teeth and lower front four teeth.



This patient had several spaces in between her front teeth and had composite restorations done in the past to close the spaces.  Over time, the restorations had chipped and stained, creating an unesthetic situation.   She was concerned about how the teeth looked shorter due to grinding/clenching as well and  requested to have an esthetic smile.  Crowns were placed on the four upper front teeth.





This patient was missing her adult tooth at birth and was interested in replacing the tooth to have a full complement of teeth on the lower. 

An implant was placed and, after three months of healing, a crown was placed.

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